AWS adds Mac minis with the M1 processor to its storage platform

A few months ago, Jeff Bezos left the position of chief executive officer of Amazon to dedicate himself to his space project. At his post, Andy Jasy entered, Head of Amazon Web Services (AWS) practically since its arrival on the market, the leading cloud storage platform followed by Microsoft’s Azure.

In late 2020, AWS began offering access to Mac mini units with Intel processors, as a means of hourly rent, a service for teams of application developers. For a few months, the Scaleway company, commented to offer the same service, but with the M1 model.

Amazon’s CTO Werver Vogels has announced on Amazon re: invent that Mac minis with the M1 processor are now available so developers teams can use them for hours, when they need it.

At the event, Amazon claims that the new models offer 60% more performance In price than X86-based Mac EC2 stays for iOS and macOS app building workloads.

In this way, developers can remotely test how your apps work with Apple hardware. Initially, the availability of this equipment is limited to only two regions of the United States:

  • Western United States – Oregon
  • Eastern United States – Northern Virginia

At the moment we do not know when AWS plans expand the availability of these equipment to more countriesBut considering it’s the most popular and widely used cloud platform in the world, at least among businesses, it shouldn’t take long.

As a launch promotion, the use of Mac minis with the M1 processor is priced at $ 0.6498, a price that will increase to $ 1 per hour when the promotion ends.

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