AWS exhibits muscle on the return to Madrid of its Summit

Goodbye to indoor masks and back to joy at tech events. After two years in which AWS, like many other companies, has been forced to take its major events to the virtual world, today it has reopened its doors to the public on AWS Summit Madrid.

And it has also done so successfully. As he has explained Miguel Alavageneral director of AWS for Spain and Portugal, in this return to a certain pre-pandemic normality, more than 9,000 professionals have registered to attend an event that for the first time in the case of the capital of Spain, will be held over two days.

With more than 40 partners who have been distributed in two of the largest pavilions of Ifema, it is expected that more than 30 business sessions and 45 techniqueswhich shows the muscle strength that AWS already has in Spain.

So much so, that the main topic he has planned in the meeting that Miguel Álava has held with the media has been how the new AWS region that the company is building in Aragón is only a few months away from being able to open its doors (the technology company hopes to be able to do it before the end of the year).

Model of the AWS Region in Aragon

In this regard, Alava recalled that the new region, made up of three Availability Zones It will involve an investment of no less than €2.5 billion over the next ten years, or expected to be created around 1,300 new jobs full time.

Similarly, the person in charge of the company wanted to insist on the commitment of AWS in its fight against climate change and its firm commitment to renewables. Although they were data that were already known, he has stressed the importance of the company explaining that it has enabled in Spain its first photovoltaic project outside the United States: a 149 MW solar project located in the province of Seville. In addition, another similar project has entered into operations in the province of Zaragoza (49 MW) and three additional projects are planned in Extremadura, Castilla La-Mancha and Andalusia.

But beyond the importance of this cloud region for our country, the director of AWS Spain has emphasized what is necessary and how tremendously complicated it is for companies as advanced as Bezos’s to attract the best talent.

“There is a disconnect between available talent and demand. We have 250 positions that we cannot cover in Spain in an easy way »he lamented, while explaining that at the moment Spain is the sixth country in the world that more technological vacancies. “Between November 2020 and 2021, more than 20,000 jobs have been created. And this is going to accelerate (the creation of new jobs), at an estimated rate of 8% per year.

In order to respond to this need for talent, Álava has also explained how the company is getting involved in the technological training of students and workers, either by reaching agreements with different universities through its program AWS Educateeither through AWS Academya program that offers higher education institutions a free cloud computing curriculum that prepares students to earn industry-recognized AWS certifications.

Finally, the head of AWS has assured that despite the fact that Cloud computing has already shown how it can make companies much more competitive and innovative, the best is yet to come:

“We are only in the early stages of everything related to data analytics. We have barely begun to explore its possibilities, the true value of data. On the other hand, I think that technologies like machine learning, edge computing and 5G private networks are going to be the ones that are going to define the industry in the coming years»

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