AYANEO 2 wants to destroy the Steam Deck with enormous power

AYANEO has once again revolutionized the gamer forums and communities, since it has just presented its new AYANEO 2, the second generation of its flagship with which it intends to offer a powerful console that you can take wherever you want. This portent has begun its financing period, and as expected, it has far exceeded the initial goal.

AYANEO 2, 7 inches of power

With a screen of 7 inches with 1,920 x 1,200 pixels resolution, the body draws attention by embracing the screen and integrating it with almost no bezels. This offers an immersive gaming experience that will avoid distractions, and that shows the incredible work they have done at the design level. And it is that they have taken care of details to the point of achieving a free assembly of visible screws, so the back of the console also looks great.

But if there is something that defines the potential of this AYANEO 2, it is the processor that it mounts inside. an amazing AMD Ryzen 7 6800U with which to achieve incredible results and with which to be able to play practically everything, and which will stay cool with the help of the ventilation system they have designed.


The most interesting thing is that the device has a tremendous capacity to expand in the future, since thanks to the port USB4.0 what includes, we can connect external graphics cards (eGPU) to play games with too high graphic demands.

a whole machine


Features are not lacking in this team. There are details as interesting as a fingerprint reader with which you can quickly log in, being able to share the console with the creation of different profilesor systems of haptic HD vibration with sound analysis that will allow you to enjoy vibration even in retro games through emulators.

With versions of 16 and 32 GB of RAM, the standard storage is 512 GB, although we can also choose versions of 1 TB and 2 TB of capacity with which to store games until we get bored. WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 complete the connectivity options, while Windows 11 will work as an operating system with a very interesting frontend called AYASpace, and can also use the AYANEO OS operating system.

When can you buy?


The new AYANEO 2 is now available for reservation through the crowdfunding project that has been published on IndieGogo. The project has incredibly exceeded its expectations, and the collection has already reached 1,2300,900 euros. The model with 16GB RAM and 512GB can be booked by 1,007 euros, and would ship at the end of December. Do not confuse the AYANEO Geek model, which is a version with some cuts, such as the absence of HD vibration, the lack of gyroscope in the grips, the use of PCIE 3.0 M.2 memories (PCIE 4.0 in the AYANEO 2) or the absence of technology that analyzes sound to apply vibration.

Steam Deck competition?

Taking into account the incredible list of specifications that it includes and the excellent operating system focused on managing settings for games and energy consumption, this AYANEO 2 will clearly be a tough rival for Valve’s Steam Deck, both for the processor and for the capacity to expand the memory. However, the Steam console continues to boast an impossible price, something that AYANEO 2 is unable to achieve for obvious reasons. Still, if you can afford the price of the AYANEO 2, we don’t see any handheld that can offer you more right now.

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