AYANEO wants to burst the portable console market in 2023 with all these new models


If there is a manufacturer that is attracting attention in the sweet tooth market of portable consoles, it is without a doubt AYANEO. And Steam Deck may have been the game changer and the one offering amazing hardware at crazy prices, but on the AYANEO side we have amazing quality machines with all sorts of specs. Well, it seems that the manufacturer does not have enough.

AYANEO Next II, the first laptop with a dedicated GPU


AYANEO’s intentions are quite amazing. The manufacturer has announced the development of Next II, a new portable console with a quite familiar appearance, since with the incorporation of two trackpads they reveal a clear inspiration regarding the Steam Deck.

But don’t get confused because this Next II has its own personality. Your screen something more than 8 inches count with one IPS-panel which plans to offer heart-stopping graphics thanks to its discrete GPU that hides inside. The idea seems to be to include a laptop GPU that allows reaching a new level of performance never seen before.

Unfortunately, it is not known which graphics it will include, but it is known that the CPU It will be a Next generation Ryzen 7000. This combination will give a huge leap in terms of graphics performance compared to the laptops that we can find on the market today.

Pocker Air, the cheapest Android model


If there is something that hurts AYANEO fans especially, it is that the most powerful models are quite prohibitively expensive. Well, for those who do not seek excellence and want something more normal with good components, the manufacturer has prepared the new AYANEO Pocket Air, a model with a 5.5-inch OLED screen that, with the Android operating system and very small dimensions, wants become the most desirable retro gaming handheld console on the market.

Its appearance continues to maintain the lines of other models of the brand, and it could arrive as a very economical model with which to seek many sales in the market. We’ll see how far its price drops, although for that we’ll have to wait until the second quarter of the year.

More models for an impressive catalog


But the thing does not end there, since the presentation of upcoming releases for 2023 that the manufacturer carried out through its YouTube channel has also left two very interesting models. The AYANEO AIR Plus It is a compact 6-inch model that will receive three different CPUs depending on the model we choose. There will be versions with a 12th generation Intel Core i3, an AMD Mendocino and a Ryzen 6800U. It will mount USB 4 controllers, a 46.2W battery and the classic button layout.


On the other hand, the AYANEO Slide It is a model with a 7-inch sliding screen and the integration of a QWERTY keyboard. Its CPU will be a new generation Ryzen 7000, although the exact APU it will mount is unknown, so we could still have surprises. Its form factor with integrated keyboard is quite attractive, so many users could be interested in this model.

Font: AYANEO (Twitter)

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