AyB Hislabor flies with HPE SimpliVity and Avenet IT

AyB Hislabor is a family business with more than 140 years of history in the trimmings and haberdashery sector. From its factory in Valladolid exports its products to companies and professionals around the world, ensuring the highest quality. However, to consolidate its growth, it needed to implement a new hardware architecture for, as explained July Triguerosits head of systems, “to implement a new ERP and integrate our subsidiaries, so that it would allow us to provide our clients and partners with a better quality of service”.

Since 2014 they had an infrastructure based on HPE DL360 servers and the HPE MSA 2040 storage array in their data center. But despite the fact that the infrastructure had been very satisfactory, in order to respond to their current needs, they needed to put in place a process of digital transformation, especially an ERP that had to manage hundreds of thousands of references and be able to function effectively in mobile environments.

On the other hand, the company wanted to undertake a process of digital transformation with an infrastructure “capable of generating virtual machines in an agile way, as well as backing them up and easily restoring them to create and eliminate test environments in a very short time” . Given these needs, AyB Hislabor contacted Avenet IT, a specialized partner of the HPE distribution channel and a company with which the Valladolid company has been working for more than 25 years on different projects.

Meet the demands of an ERP

After reviewing AyB Hislabor’s needs, Avenet IT was quick to recommend that they choose HPE SimpliVity. In this sense and as explained Vincent Gonzalez, head of Business Development at Avenet IT, “we recommend HPE SimpliVity as it is a hyper-converged solution that stands out for its high performance, scalability, fault tolerance and its built-in backup system. In addition, we believe that it is the ideal solution to work in a mixed environment of ERP and generic virtual machines”.

Of these, one of the clearest customer demands was fault tolerance. As Vicente González comments, “a solution was sought with the capacity to lift the systems in the event of eventual stops in minimum or zero times. For such an architecture, HPE SimpliVity is the perfect solution.”

Just as important as the above is how ideal it is to incorporate HPE SimpliVity when it comes to deploying an ERP as powerful as the one that AyB Hislabor wanted to implement. In this regard, Francis Hairstyleresponsible for Pre-Sales at Avenet IT, indicates that among the advantages that HPE SimpliVity offers in this use case, “especially its rapid deployment or the ability to create, delete and restore virtual machines almost instantaneously stand out, which allows us to propose different scenarios and configurations in the implementation of an ERP”.

Julio Trigueros comments how after evaluating different options, HPE SimpliVity seemed to them the most appropriate “due to different factors: a hardware/software solution ready to work, simple to deploy, very easy to manage and with growth capabilities far beyond our needs. It seemed to us the right technological solution at reasonable costs”.

The importance of the partner

After the start-up of the new technological infrastructure, the company has not been slow to perceive the advantages. Julio Trigueros affirms in this sense that “the evolution towards hyperconvergence scenarios already provides AyB Hislabor with great advantages such as the elimination of the external cabin, the simplification of operations and the management of systems, together with a significant reduction in administration costs. And thanks to its scalability, we are assured of future growth for the company”.

Similarly, they highlight that although they have only been running the new infrastructure for a few weeks, it is already very noticeable “the improvement in the performance of the infrastructure for the new ERP, as well as the great simplification of the management and administration tasks of the platform in an environment that allows us, in a simple way, the implementation of test, development and testing environments”.

For the success of this project, AyB Hislabor wanted to highlight the important role that Avenet IT has played. In this way, Ruben MoralesIT Director at AyB Hislabor, has emphasized the fact that “a project of such caliber as the migration of all the servers to a new environment and the implementation of a new ERP, the core of any company, could not have been carried out without end without the professionalism and security that Avenet IT brings to each project”.

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