Ayesa acquires Ibermática and creates a leader in digital services

Ibermática changes ownership. Sevillian Ayesa has just announced that it has reached an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of Ibermática with ProA Capital and other minority shareholders, including ONCE and Kutxabank. The operation, which is expected to be approved by the regulator in the coming months, will give rise to one of the digital service groups most important in our country.

The objective of this operation is to form a leading group that has the capacity to accompany large clients in their main digital transformation projects. The joint billing of both companies amounts to 600 million euros, which already places them as one of the top five players in the Spanish IT market. This acquisition has been possible after the majority investment of A&M Capital Europe in Ayesa, which has facilitated the development of an organic growth plan and through acquisitions, with Ibermática being the third corporate operation to materialize this year.

Founded in 1973, Ibermática is a technological benchmark in Spain, focused on the digitization of large companies and public administrations. It offers a wide range of digital services in the fields of development and maintenance of software applications and infrastructures, in addition to the implementation of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics, cybersecurity and migration to the cloud, among others. At the end of 2021, it had 4,750 workers and a turnover of 276 million euros.

Jose Luis Manzanares Abasolo, CEO of Ayesa, highlights in this operation that “both the geographical location and the services offered by both companies are highly complementary. Our large clients will be able to entrust their largest digital transformation projects, as we will naturally extend our capabilities and technological services. Together with this, the sum of the management teams positions us as a leading group in talent and leadership within the national and international technology sector”.

For its part, John Ignatius Sanz, CEO of Ibermática, assures that “Ibermática will make a qualitative leap by joining a solid business project in expansion, with important commercial synergies and a very challenging professional horizon. We will concentrate a good part of the best technological talent, functional experience in our different sectors and innovation potential”.

High technological capabilities

The operation will form a group with high technological capabilities and wide sectoral penetration, as well as implementation throughout Spain. Both companies present an enormous complementarity in all these factors.

Regarding the offer, the group will strengthen its services in artificial intelligence, data analytics, automation and robotization of processes or development of native applications in the cloud. In addition, it will occupy a privileged position due to the number of certified SAP consultants and to undertake large-scale migration projects from data centers to multi-cloud environments. Likewise, the combination of both will position the new organization as a reference provider in Spain of technological services for energy and utilities companies and public administrations.

At an international level, it will have a commercial and operational network in 22 countries. In short, it is expected that the existing synergies will boost the business in a relevant way, since it will have a very competitive offer to tackle end-to-end technological projects, with a focus on the combination of technologies, experience and functional knowledge.

Ibermática will maintain its headquarters in Euskadi

The integration of Ibermática in the group will consolidate its presence in the territories where it operates, maintaining its current headquarters in Euskadi. In terms of employment, they will make up one of the largest technological platforms at the national level, with more than 11,000 professionals specialized in more than 70 disciplines.

On the other hand, Ayesa will continue with its investment strategy. This corporate operation would be the third executed throughout this year, after the incorporation of A&M Capital Europe as majority shareholder. In this context, the group will study new transactions to complement technological and engineering services, both inside and outside of Spain.

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