Azure Data Manager, Microsoft’s sustainable solution for the agriculture sector

Azure Data Manager is one of the Microsoft launches that has attracted the most attention. Not only because it is imminent, but because it is a commitment to sustainability. A value that has been gaining strength in recent years and in which the company has been working with a strong commitment for some time. Therefore, very soon farmers will be able to use this new solution.

Although there is currently a preliminary version of Azure Data ManagerSoon the final one will be ready. Thus, thanks to the current technology that we have, Microsoft intends to promote sustainability in a sector as relevant as agriculture in our country where this value is a great challenge.

The most important feature of Azure Data Manager is that it is a cloud solution based on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). The goal is to offer professionals working in the field a program with which they can have greater control. In this way, they will be able to optimize the use of resources not only to save money, but to work more sustainably.

In addition, this Microsoft solution will also contribute to manage and analyze critical data in real time. In this way, farmers will know what conditions their crops are in at all times to make much more informed decisions. Thus, they will be able to improve the efficiency of the land, optimize the water they use and significantly reduce waste.

The objective is to optimize the use of natural resources

Microsoft thought of this cloud solution so that farmers could optimize the use of natural resources as much as possible. Sometimes it is difficult to know if you are wasting water, manure or fertilizersfor example, which has a negative impact on the pocket and also on the environment by consuming many more resources than are really needed.

With Azure Data Manager, farmers can know what is happening at all times with their crops. To do this, they can use sensors of soil, climate or water whose data will be stored and managed by this cloud solution. Since these will always be up to date, agricultural professionals will have a competitive advantage that they did not have before. Thus, they will reduce their losses.

Also, Azure will contribute to prevent certain circumstances that can spoil the work of months. We are referring to pests that, thanks to an exhaustive control of the use of resources, it is possible to reduce them. However, in the event that they end up affecting the plantation, it will be feasible to detect them with enough time to solve them and avoid irreparable damage.

Sustainability is one of the great challenges of agriculture

Sustainability is one of the great challenges of agriculture because production has spent years focusing on maximize returns in the short term without taking into account the impact that this may have on the environment: such as depleting natural resources or degrading the quality of the soil. Therefore, with Azure Data Manager this can change radically.

As the demand for food has not stopped increasing in recent years, it is crucial to start implementing this type of resource in agricultural plantations. Not only to produce more without damaging the environment, but also to achieve satisfactory results by mitigating losses that often end up being caused by factors beyond our control. And it is that technology and the field can work together.

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