B Lab and Fairtrade partner to drive sustainable supply chains

The alliance between Fairtrade and B Lab has a clear objective: to achieve sustainable supply chains globally and nationally. Both companies intend to create special programs and projects in favor of the SDGs.

At the national level, the collaboration base commits Fairtrade Ibérica and B Lab Spain to share knowledge and collaborative efforts in the development of standards, promotion, public campaigns and mobilization in favor of the sustainability. “It is the right time to join forces and work together so that companies have the right tools to show their commitment to sustainability and transform the economy for the benefit of people and the planet”, said Álvaro Goicoechea, director of Fairtrade Ibérica.

«With this alliance, we offer more tools to facilitate companies their transition towards business models committed to caring for people and the environment; at the same time that it allows us to advance in the development of legislative proposals that promote an economy of impact in Spain », explained Pablo Sánchez, executive director of B Lab Spain.

Relations between both networks

The new Fairtrade and B Lab partnership will begin, at the national level, with an exploration of potential collaboration around standards development and the creation of contact points for building relationships between the respective networks of both organizations. The initiative ‘Businesses With Purpose’, promoting the sustainable use of fashion in the Social Forum of the Spanish Fashion Industry and the collaboration with the State Fair Trade Coordinator will be the first joint actions of the alliance.

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Fairtrade standards such as the minimum price or the ‘fairtrade premium’ are designed to support the sustainable development of small producer organizations and agricultural workers in the countries where the leading fair trade label operates.

For their part, the business, social and environmental standards of B Lab Spain define how companies can be a force to generate a positive impact on the society and the planet.

Relying on its members, research and good business practices, these standards are the basis of the requirements to be a B Corp company, as well as the impact management tools of B Lab. Ultimately, when choosing Fairtrade certification and the B Corp standard, companies demonstrate their commitments to sustainability and social impact in supply chains.

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