Baby Yoda advent calendar cheaper than ever

Over time, many brands have been encouraged to launch their own advent calendar. Themed according to the reason of the company that launches it, today there are calendars ranging from traditional sweet surprises to make-up or LEGO pieces. One with Baby Yoda As a protagonist, it could not be missing in our lives, especially in those homes that are not afraid to shout from the rooftops how freaky their members are. If you feel totally identified or you think you know someone who is going to fall for the idea, you know that right now there is an official Disney at your minimum price in Amazon. It’s time to buy it and you know it.

Grogu, the star of the new era Star Wars

With the arrival of The Mandaloriana new character broke into the Star Wars fandom in a totally unexpected way: Baby Yoda, as he was originally known, conquered the hearts of lovers of the George Lucas universe and also those who had not even paid attention to the franchise ever.

This infantilized version of YodaWith huge ears and eyes and a small body and head, he was too irresistible for us not to lay eyes on him. Quickly The Child (another of its code names) became a mass phenomenon, starring in all kinds of merchandising: key rings, mugs, t-shirts, dolls, backpacks… and so on ad infinitum.

Baby Yoda - The Mandalorian

Such is the power of this character that, despite having said goodbye – quite epically – at the end of season 2, the people of Disney + rescued him again, appearing again in the sixth chapter of boba fett book and thus making his return in season 3 of the Mandalorian stories clear.

And it is that, how were we going to last so long without seeing it on screen?

The Grogu 2022 Advent Calendar

If you know everything that we have told you a few lines above more than by heart, this advent calendar is for you. Each day, a new surprise from the collection of accessories of stationery from The Mandalorian saga, among which you will find stickers, erasers, a Baby Yoda keychain, stamps or a necklace, among other accessories. A good number of themed products that will delight fans from children to adults.

Disney Baby Yoda Advent Calendar

The calendar accumulates a good amount of ratings on Amazon with a fairly positive average satisfaction, where the stationery products that come and the good quality of the whole set stand out -you know that the quality of some calendars is conspicuous by its absence. Its usual price is 21.99 euros although it has reached 23.99 and 24.99 euros not long ago. Now, however, all these figures are history, and you can buy it on sale for only 17.99 euros (the discount is 14%).

Take advantage and treat yourself or give it to someone who is a fan of Grogu. You will love it for sure.

The link to Amazon in this article is part of our agreement with your Associates Program and may earn us a small commission (without affecting the price you pay). Even so, the decision to publish and add it has been taken, as always, freely and under editorial criteria. It was impossible to resist Grogu’s charms.

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