Baccarat x Pokémon: these are its exclusive (and expensive) collectibles

Pokémon celebrates a quarter of a century since it first appeared in Japanese lands. It is one of the most successful Japanese franchises in history. To celebrate this anniversary, Pokémon has performed a collaboration with Baccarat, a centenary french company which is dedicated to producing crystal design products of unsurpassed quality.

Pokémon rub shoulders with the jet-set

Baccarat was born in the century XVIII in the town of the same name in Lorraine, France. He did it at the request of King Louis XV. It is currently one of the most important companies in the glass industry, both for the quality and texture of its works, and for its rhistorical impact. Many of his creations can be visited in the Musée Baccarat, where many of the pieces that have been exhibited in international exhibitions are exhibited.

Baccarat x Pokémon is a collection of figures made handcrafted in glass that have been designed in collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara, the creative director of Fragment Design. It is a limited and exclusive edition suitable for very few pockets, but which shows once again that mass culture sometimes flirts with high culture, especially in this case, since we are talking about a collaboration between Pokémon and a company highly related to the French nobility.

This is Baccarat x Pokémon

Pikachu Fragment

The first of all the pieces is Pikachu Fragment. It is a polygonal, very simple and faceless figure of the franchise’s mascot. It has dimensions of 30 centimeters in height and a weight of 8.3 kilograms, and its design has been run by Hiroshi Fujiwara. There are only 25 pieces available, so the price for obtaining a unit shoots up to a whopping $ 25,000. This unique piece of design can only be purchased at one of the baccarat boutiques, found in Tokyo, Paris, New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Pokémon Pikachu and Pokémon Poké Ball

On the other hand is Pokémon Pikachu, a figure of more restrained dimensions and much more detail. It has a price of 440 dollars, and it’s possible buy in stores or order on their website, although to make the order we will have to fill out a contact form, since they do not allow us to place an order directly.

In the same collection as the previous piece is Pokémon Poké Ball. A perfect crystal sphere with a central golden line. It has a price of 410 dollars, and it can also be ordered through its website. It is the last piece of this collaboration, which has a total of three elements. Both the Poké-Ball and the small crystal Pikachu can be a very exclusive and special gift for a complete lover of the Nintendo franchise. They are available on the Baccarat website from November 17 until stocks last.

Along with the announcement of the collection, Baccarat has also released a small video in which we can see how their craftsmen perform by hand each element of this new collection that only a few will be able to enjoy.

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