Back 4 Blood: The game is “much harder than expected” and a fix is ​​on the way

Turtle Rock, the developers behind the popular zombie shooter, admitted that Back 4 Blood is currently more difficult than expected and plans to solve the various problems behind the title’s unexpected high difficulty.

Too many special infected not only for the players then, but also for the developers themselves who, soon, they will release a fix to fix the spawn problem (and thus put an end to the possibility of using the difficulty of Back 4 Blood as an excuse for how, in reality, we are poor on the field).

According to the developers, Back 4 Blood shouldn’t have been that difficult, and a fix will come soon

During a recent stream, the developers of Back 4 Blood they explained that the speed with which special monsters spawn is still too high; even after the patch that, earlier this month, tried to lower the rate of occurrence of the lethal infected.

Initially, the studio thought they had fixed the corruption card situation, but it appears that another problem is still present in the game and that this causes more special infects to spawn, leading to downright frustrating missions for players.

“We have identified another of the main causes of the involuntary increase in difficulty”Turtle Rock explained in a post on Reddit summarizing the situation. “And we are actively working on a solution. We will fix it and continue to create a game that will improve over time ”.

back 4 blood exterminators

Another nagging issue that is leading to greater difficulty of the title is trauma. This is the damage that accumulates over the course of a mission and is the most difficult to heal. Although the trauma damage has always been designed to make missions more difficult, it has been confirmed by the developers that players are getting too much of it (at all game difficulty levels). A recent server-side patch should have fixed this issue for online play, and Turtle Rock says a full update will fix it for single-player offline missions soon.

Turtle Rock also recognized that right now the most popular and effective character builds for getting through the toughest missions involve decks built entirely around speed and endurance, allowing players to “speed up” the levels. This is leading to a lot of frustration among people who are in a group with these “runners”, as many of them run away on their own right at the start of the mission, leaving everyone else behind (and in a title like Back 4 Blood, we know all what it means). Turtle Rock hasn’t gone into detail on how it intends to deal with these sprinters, but has stated that future patches will aim to change this current aspect.

Meanwhile, Back 4 Blood player numbers have started to decline, even dropping below Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam.

Will the patches be enough to reverse the trend? Have you already taken a look at the Back 4 Blood roadmap?

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