Back 4 Blood will have a new open beta and you cannot miss it

What is Back 4 Blood

The new Back 4 Blood you could say that it is a kind of Left 4 Dead, a video game where the objective is none other than kill all zombies that get in the way of getting out of different situations alive. Or as its developers say, a cooperative first-person shooter and horror game where multiplayer is key.

Thus, under that premise is how the game created by Turtle Rock Studios and distributed by Warner Bros has managed to attract so much attention in recent days. Of course there is more, because the game not only offers an online cooperative mode to enjoy with three more friends, but also a campaign mode that can be played alone (accompanied by three AI-controlled characters) or a mode with up to eight participants where the idea is to survive as long as possible. Whoever manages to hold out the longest for three rounds will be the one who ends up winning.

So, as you can see in the video with extended gameplay, the base of Back 4 Blood is quite simple and no less striking than other current proposals. What’s more, it may be that cooperative nature that is really allowing him to attract the attention of so many players around the world. And it is that during its first beta to which all those who were made with early access could play it was a success.

Ok, it is true that 100,000 simultaneous players on PC may seem like a small thing looking at the numbers of other titles, but it really is not a negligible figure at all, quite the opposite. Even more so if one takes into account that as many thousands of users played through the console versions.

How to Play the Back 4 Blood Open Beta

Well, now that you’ve gotten up to speed on what Back 4 Blood is, you may understand why it has sparked so much interest and feel like trying it out. How can you do it?

Well, to begin with, the video game will be officially released on October 12. Luckily this coming weekend there will be a new open beta and it will no longer require any special access. Any interested user will be able to test it. So the only thing is to download the beta version corresponding to the platform where you want to play.

Because Back 4 Blood is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One or the new Xbox Series X and S. And regarding the dates, from next August 12 until the 16 of the same month will be when you can test this new beta.

That is, you have four days to enjoy a game that is frankly quite fun if you are into first-person shooter games. It is somewhat frantic at times, but what greater fun than going out to hunt and exterminate zombies with three more friends.

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