Back-to-school promotion may mark the date of the next Apple event

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The media we look at all the details in Apple events and in this case what may seem like a coincidence without more, turned out to be a clear indicator of the Mac presentation event last year by Apple.

And it is that in 2020 Apple extended the promotion back to class in the United States from September 15 to Monday, October 12, fully coinciding with the presentation the next day, October 13. In this case in 2021 the promotion back to school in the US ends next Monday, September 27 and it seems that it is too early for another event … But in the old continent the promotion ends next Monday, October 11 and therefore the bet of a new event sounds for Tuesday, October 12.

Simple coincidence or calculated times for the events?

It may seem like a coincidence but if Apple really wants to carry out the presentation of all these products that we have been rumored for months, it will have to do it in several parts, in this case there were three events before the end of the year and the dates fit perfectly with this October for Macs and iPads. In a company as big as Apple, everything has to be measured to the millimeter and these events as well.

Thus, the following key date in terms of events after today’s presentation points directly to the month of October and could be close to the date of Tuesday the 12th. the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros along with the new iPad models. We will finally see what happens today in the afternoon and then we will go back in time to see if these dates could be indicators of another Apple event for this year 2021 or not.

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