Back to the Future 2: Elijah Wood recalls the surreal experience on set

Many do not know (or have never noticed) but Elijah Wood, the actor that we all approach the face of Frodo de The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson, began his film career at a very young age, making his first big screen appearance in Back to the Future 2.

Elijah Wood returns to talk about his appearance in Back to the Future 2

Wood has indeed played the role of “Video Game Boy”, in a short scene in which Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) entering the Cafe ’80, in 2015, he interacts with two kids who plug in a vintage arcade game called Wild Gunman. The two very young have no idea how the game works and, therefore, Marty gives them a demonstration.

“You mean you have to use your hands?” Wood had said, offscreen, just before the other kid (John Thornton) followed him and concluded “But then it’s for children”, leaving Marty alone and deeply confused.

Here is Wood’s appearance in question:

The memory of the actor on the set of Back to the Future Part II

As told by Deadline, the actor has returned to remember the moments spent on the set of Back to the Future 2, talking about a surreal experience.

“It was crazy because it took what I knew about cinema and turned it into something very concrete” Wood explained, explaining a The Film That Lit My Fuse who as a child only watched a few movies, like Gremlins, Back to the Future And The Goonies. “I think it might actually be the first time I realized I was able to do something based on what I saw, what I was doing physically. Which is not to say I didn’t understand the work I had done before, in commercials, because it was, you know, an acting role that people would notice. When you find yourself in a movie that you grew up with and suddenly you are thrown into that environment… it was completely mind blowing. And so that may have been the first time I somehow understood what it meant to be an actor and that this could be my life, I suppose. “

Elijah Wood has indeed had a long career made not only de The Lord of the Rings, but also of Sin City, The Faculty or Deep Impact (just to name a few).

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