Bad news: Horizon Forbidden West delayed to 2022

A successful rumor

The well-known insider Jeff Grubb had already announced yesterday that Sony had delayed the sequel to horizon to the first quarter of 2022, thus forgetting the supposed launch window located in the last quarter of 2021. The rumor gained strength, but in the absence of official confirmation it remained in the air. Until today.

And it is that today it has been Jason Scherier himself who has confirmed the information in an article published in Bloomberg, where it ensures that Guerrilla Games will not be able to meet the established deadlines. Neither Sony nor Guerrilla have commented on this matter for now, so we are waiting for an official statement to confirm once again all the information and clarify the matter a bit more, although by now we all already know what the issue is about. thing.

Schreier himself has pointed out that the information is not about a last minute announced decision, but rather it is something that had already been executed some time ago, so internally the delay was already more than a reality.

A backward industry

The global pandemic has affected the video game industry in a beastly way, and Horizon Forbidden West is by no means the first affected game. We cannot forget the failed launch of Halo Infinite, a game that should be the standard at the launch of a new generation console, Xbox Series X, and that for now is still waiting to be available worldwide at the end of the year.

Another great delay is that of God of war 2, the new installment that looked like it was going to be called Ragnarok confirmed that its launch would arrive a little later than expected in order to guarantee the quality of a game like God of War.

On the Nintendo side we don’t have a confirmation as such, but bring the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild As of 2022 it doesn’t sound like it will keep up with the launch. In short, they have been some very tough years for the industry, so receiving new delays is becoming a habit in very bad taste that we have no choice but to endure.

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