Bandai Namco unveils its own metaverse inspired by its franchises

The video game publisher reveals its plans for a very complete metaverse, redefining the notion of entertainment.

If the word of the year 2021 was definitely “NFT”, that of 2022 is likely to be “metaverse”, or metaverse in a more French-speaking writing. Since Meta decided to make it its new trademark, many brands are investing more and more in completely virtual worlds and trying to capitalize on this source of income.

In the world of video games, Bandai Namco has just announced that it wants to take its share of the cake and create a metaverse that would bring together all of its intellectual properties. Understand by this that you will be able to enter a world populated by all the franchises of the company. To do this, it intends to invest no less than 130 million dollars (about 113 million euros) in virtual land to consolidate all its licenses there.

The definition of entertainment in 2022?

The goal ? Create a world where entertainment is pushed to its climax, and significantly boost company sales with this promotional technique showcasing Bandai Namco franchises. In her report on the firm’s business strategy for the coming months, she outlines her plan:

The strategy of the IP axis, which constitutes the strength of the group, will be at the heart of the new medium-term plan. We will aim for sustainable growth by implementing new initiatives to foster deep, broad and multifaceted connections with fans around the world. Bandai Namco will therefore develop a metaverse for each IP as a new framework to connect with fans.

In this metaverse, we envision virtual spaces that will allow customers to enjoy a wide range of entertainment tied to our IPs, as well as frameworks that leverage Bandai Namco’s distinctive strengths to merge physical products with digital elements. We aim to establish open environments that provide opportunities for connection with and between fans and business partners. ยป

No visuals yet

For the moment, we do not yet know precisely what form this new virtual world created by Bandai Namco will take. Be aware, however, that it is likely to be very colorful and appreciated by fans around the world, while the company holds the video game rights to some very popular works such as dragonball, My Hero Academiaor even the Tales of.

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