Barbie: Ryan Gosling will play Ken in the film with Margot Robbie

It’s been some time (and a pandemic) since we last talked about Barbie, the live action film starring Margot Robbie, born from a collaboration between Warner Bros And Mattel. Today we return to talk about it thanks to a news that will make my partner (and probably yours too) happy, because Ryan Gosling, one of the most “beloved” actors on today’s Hollywood scene, will play the role of Ken in the movie.

Ryan Gosling will play Ken in the Barbie movie

According to Deadline, Gosling will play Barbie’s longtime boyfriend (Margot Robbie) in the film directed by Greta Gerwig (Little Women), and based on the classic Mattel doll line. Gerwig is also co-writing the script with her partner, the Oscar-nominated writer and director Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale, Marriage Story).

While there are no story details to share right now, Robbie previously spoke about the film saying: “We like things that look a little different (from what one would expect). Something like Barbie, where the IP and the name itself make people immediately think of ‘Oh, Margot will be Barbie, I know what it is’, but our goal is instead to say’ whatever you are thinking about us, we’ll give you something completely different, something you didn’t know you wanted. “

Although, as Robbie said, it will be something different, Barbie is not exactly my thing but, with Gosling joining the cast, I guess I will still be obliged to see the film when it comes out (although we don’t know yet. when).

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