Barcelona-based Aticco Workspaces celebrates five years as a coworking and entrepreneurial hub

The ecosystem of disruptive companies in southern Europe, Aticco Workspaces, has just turn five. The startup, which was born in an attic in Barcelona in 2016 as coworking has completed its transformation and now supports entrepreneurs from Madrid and Barcelona.

Gabriel Espín, CEO of Aticco Ecosystem and Aticco Workspaces, recalls the beginnings of what began as an idea for a new coworking: “We were few, without experience, without a brand and without resources, and not even in the best of our dreams would we have thought that Aticco would be what it is today, much less the impact we are generating”.

After the successes obtained in these five years, Aticco Workspaces has given way to the Aticco Ecosystem group. A umbrella project which includes both the already established flexible office solution and the support platform for innovation and acceleration of startups AticcoLab. In recent years, Aticco has also become a benchmark in shared housing and coliving with the Aticco Living initiative, the latest vertical that has been developed in Aticco Ecosystem.

«We are sure that we will not only continue to grow in volume and co-lead these sectors, but that we will also create new projects that will be incorporated into the group, making our value proposition even more complete and consistent, based on our purpose. to empower entrepreneurs and organizations », Espín affirms.

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Five years of history to continue looking to the future

Regarding new projects, Aticco Workspaces has an ambitious agenda to develop in the short term, starting with exceeding the occupation of its centers to pre-pandemic levels during the end of 2021, beginning of 2022.

The roadmap prior to 2020 still makes sense, with a growth plan that includes the opening of a second center in Madrid and the group’s first outside of Spain, more specifically in the Portuguese city of Lisbon. The new centers would be added to the six buildings that the operator already has, with current capacity for more than 3,700 coworkers.

To carry out these new openings, Aticco Workspaces is in contact with property owners aligned with the same purpose, offering them to be part of the project in a joint venture format, sharing the benefits of this business model.

In this way, it aims to offer solutions for all types of companies and entrepreneurs, from hotspots for freelancers to solutions in different cities for companies with a presence spread over several cities, as is the case of Team Lewis, a communication consultancy in need of finding space both in Barcelona and Madrid.

As they explain from the communication consultancy: «We had always been in a conventional office, both in Madrid and Barcelona. We decided to try the coworking model with Aticco Workspaces for its flexibility, for the location of its centers and for having some of the spaces that best adapted to the values ​​of the agency. Right now we have approximately 60 people between the two cities ».

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