Barcelona Coworks is born, a digital coworking for freelances

The coworking industry It has come back stronger than ever since the end of the pandemic. The change in model has caused many companies to leave their offices behind and opt for these spaces. The high demand for these shared work centers is making many self-employed professionals and freelancers unable to access coworking spaces.

To this we must add that in cities with a high rate of entrepreneurship and startups such as Barcelona, ​​the waiting list to enter is even longer.

In this context, to provide these professionals with a real alternative, a new online community has just been launched that transfers all the benefits and advantages of coworking to the virtual world. Is about Barcelona Coworksan online coworking aimed at freelancers and freelancers in Barcelona that has been created with the events and communities platform nerds.

Access to directory with reduced price

Users of this community will have access to a directory of coworking spaces at a reduced price, a calendar of events organized by other members and a marketplace where they can offer their services and/or products. In short, all the advantages of a coworking, but without having to pay for a physical space.

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Entering Barcelona Coworks as a member is free, and will give its members access to all the information that is available in the community and to participate in the events offered. Its members can also pay a premium fee of €4.95 per month to become moderators, giving them the ability to post events and products on the platform.

This space, which has been launched through the event and community creation platform Nectios, has become a business opportunity for self-employed and freelancers who want to make themselves known among other professionals and expand their network of contacts.

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