Basic tips for efficient management of real estate assets

Most people who have a real estate heritage, be it an inheritance or an investment, they tend to need proper management to make it profitable and not incur losses.

Preserving that heritage and trying to enjoy the fruits that they offer in the future is the maximum for any company that manages these properties. In this sense, The Simple Rent specialists in real estate management offer four basic tips that allow efficient management of the properties owned by both individuals and companies.

First you have to have a plan. This plan involves defining a series of goals and objectives in order to establish a series of possible income and, perhaps, a defined number of investments that may have to do with the adaptation of the properties or with the acquisition of a new one. property to take advantage of market opportunities and its potential.

The investment in real estate it is low risk and you always have to be willing to take minimizable risks in order to know what investments can be made.

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Second, the analysis of the equation risk-return-volatility is essential. And it is necessary to bear in mind that when the return increases, the risk assumed also increases. Volatility refers to external factors that will increase this risk.

Study of the value offer

The study of the value offer is the third point that is recommended when making an investment. For example, it is not the same to rent apartments near San Antonio to a young executive as to a parent since they offer different values. Thinking of the ideal tenant is what to keep in mind. If the desired tenant does not arrive and there is an urgency to start obtaining returns from the property, a study of the potential tenant should be carried out.

Have a good tax advisor and that you fully understand the regulatory framework of the lease is essential, and the fourth advice that is given for a correct management of the heritage. Being up to date with all the changes that occur in a sector as dynamic as that of renting and buying and selling is essential. Especially so that the plan drawn up from the beginning does not undergo changes that prevent reaching the goals and objectives.

Sonia Campuzano, CEO and founder of The Simple Rent, states that “Taking these aspects into account is key when establishing a management and asset investment plan. Controlling these details has allowed us to grow to the recent milestone of 100 business openings that manage the assets of thousands of people in Spain ”.

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