Batman vs Tom & Jerry! Warner prepares a Smash Bros.-style video game with its most beloved characters

Once again, a Reddit thread has been responsible for anonymously leaking information about the company from Warner Bros and the supposed development of a fighting video game called Multiversus, which could integrate the best known characters of the company to make them fight each other.

Warner Bros It has characters like Gandalf, Jhonny Bravo, Harry Potter, Mad Max, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat among others, which makes the idea of ​​a video game very attractive for people who closely follow each of the franchises that it has company.

In addition to this information, the person who made the alleged leak also mentioned that the video game would be very similar to Super Smash bros from Nintendo, a successful competitive multiplayer. The idea doesn’t seem so far-fetched, especially considering that Warner has been betting heavily on its competitive fighting games.

The new video game could be true

This rumor, which began to spread rapidly, reaching the ears of Jeff grubb, a renowned reporter who specializes in analyzing leaks, who shared a publication in which he affirms the veracity of this note, mentioning “that everything is real, but that it is not developed by Nether Realm”, as previously mentioned.

It is said that the story of this video game came out thanks to the Shaggy Ultra Instinct meme and all the requests to include it in Mortal Kombat 11, so this character can become a reality, other video games with a similar theme are Nickelodeon All Star Brawl where emblematic characters of Nick appear fighting each other.

For now, WB has not issued an official statement on the matter in which the existence of this multiplayer is affirmed or ruled out, it only remains to wait.

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