Battery problems on your Apple Watch Series 7? Update now!

watchOS 8.1.1, currently exclusive to Series 7

As we already told you, the fast charge of the Apple Watch is present in this new generation launched on the market just a few weeks ago. However, numerous users had been reporting having problems when experimenting slower loads than usual with this device, despite using the recommended accessories for it.

They were also giving another series of drawbacks in this regard, as intermittent loads. In short, a compendium of problems that, although they were not extended to all units and were not very frequent in those affected, is still a relevant problem. For this reason, yesterday the launch of watchOS 8.1.1 was made official, available for download regularly in these watches from Settings> General> Software update or through the Watch application of the iPhone.

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Will watchOS 8.1.1 hit other watches?

It is not the first time that we have seen Apple launch exclusive software versions for one of several device models. Not surprisingly, this week we saw iOS 15.1.1 only for iPhone 12 and 13. In the case of watchOS, it was common to see specific updates for Series 3. Therefore, it is expected that the rest of Apple Watch compatible with watchOS 8 do not receive this ‘8.1.1’, unless there is a significant problem that makes the arrival of this version very important.

What Apple does plan to launch watchOS 8.2, which is in beta phase. This week the third version for developers was launched and it seems to be very polished and work well, although it is still not recommended for common users and on top of it it does not bring hardly any noteworthy news. This version does not have an official date scheduled, but it is expected that it could arrive in the first half of December alongside iOS 15.2, iPadOS 15.2, macOS 12.1, and tvOS 15.2.

We will remain attentive to any information regarding this and other updates. Although for now, what we recommend is that you update your Apple Watch Series 7 regardless of whether you were suffering from any of the problems described, since it is foreseeable that there will be other performance improvements not revealed initially.

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