Battlefield 2023, the next installment of the franchise will take us “to the present”

The premiere of Battlefield 2042 It occurred on November 19, but the trickle of information about Battlefield 2023 has already begun, the next installment of the well-known war action franchise from EA and DICE that, as many of our readers will know, made a bet on modern warfare set in a future «not very far away ”, thus abandoning the classic setting of the Second World War.

According to Tom Henderson, a fairly reliable source within the industry, Battlefield 2023 will be approached as a first-person shooter that will start from the figure of the «hero», which means that not only will the specialist model that they adopted with Battlefield 2042 not be abandoned, but it will be enhanced, with all that that implies. Bad news for fans of the franchise who weren’t happy with the elimination of classes in Battlefield 2042.

I am not going to go into assessing this issue because I believe that, in the end, it is a matter of taste, and that the change to the “specialist” model has its good things, although I fully understand that those who have not found this appropriate change they want to shout it from the rooftops. You are in all your right. Personally, I’m more concerned with the technical level of the franchise, and the future of Battlefield 2023 in that regard. I’m going to tell you why.

Battlefield 2023 could be weighed down by the old generation of consoles

After testing Battlefield 2042, I must say that my impressions were not, on a technical level, not good at all. With this I do not mean that it is a bad game, I really enjoyed the hours I dedicated to it, it engages, it is fun and the gameplay is very well resolved, but it has important shortcomings that go beyond the graphic plane.

Battlefield 2042 came to the market with a common evil among the developments that have been focused on the previous generation of consoles, Xbox One and PS4, and that is that it suffers a huge bottleneck at the CPU level, so much so that an RTX 3080 Ti does not get to 100% use at 1440p even with ray tracing on. This is a consequence of low CPU usage, the result of poor optimization.

To add insult to injury, the graphics are not impressive either. The stages are wide, but quite empty, they don’t have the level of detail you would expect, and the ray tracing applied to ambient occlusion achieves a fairly modest improvement. A shame, and at the same time A clear sign that intergenerational games are once again weighing down PC gaming.

I hope that with Battlefield 2023 DICE it gets the batteries and yese “curre” a triple A that can really take advantage of the performance of a gaming PC. I understand that it is complicated by all that it implies at the development level, but it is the only way that we do not encounter those huge bottlenecks and poor performance while CPU and GPU are, respectively, in usage rates. 30% and 60%, respectively.

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