Battlefield 2042: for EA, it is the fault of COVID and Halo Infinite if the game is a failure

Battlefield 2042 was certainly a commercial and critical failure, but obviously not for the reasons we believe. While one might legitimately think the disaster was down to the mountain of bugs that plagued the game upon release, EA says the blame actually lies with the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the early release. Halo Infinite multiplayer.

battlefield 2042
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3 months later, it is time for EA to take stock of the sinking Battlefield 2042. It is indeed difficult for the publisher to claim that all is well given the tidal wave of discontent on the side of the players. In addition, one can only imagine that sales were disappointing since the company still refuses to this day to disclose the exact number of players who bought the game. The internal meeting held on February 15 therefore probably looked like a ‘a crisis meeting.

“It’s really important to recognize when we miss”said Laura Miele, head of studios at EA. “That’s certainly the case with the launch of Battlefield, which fell short of our players’ expectations, and clearly fell short of our own expectations as well. » So there were errors, but certainly not at the development level. No, for the publisher, the concern comes from the COVID-19 pandemic and… Halo Infinite.

EA is looking for the culprits behind the failure of Battlefield 2042

Indeed, the editor regrets that 343 Industries launched sooner than expected the multiplayer from the latest installment in the adventures of Master Chief. Indeed, it is only half-heartedly that Laura Chief admits the differences in quality between the two games. Where Halo Infinite has been tweaked for over a year to get rid of the slightest bug, Battlefield 2042 is rushed out to meet the launch schedule.

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“If you add up all of this new innovation, all of this ambition for the new project, and then add in a global pandemic halfway through the project, where game teams had to work from home, we found ourselves with more new variables in development than we’ve ever seen before.”, continues Laura Miele. Recall that the petition launched by players demanding a refund recently exceeded 100,000 signatures.

Source: Tom Henderson

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