Battlefield 2042 is so bad that even cheats are jumping ship

The descent into hell continues for Battlefield 2042. After the players, it is now the cheat software publishers who decide to abandon the support for the game. In question, the incessant bugs which prevent them from working properly.

Credits: EA

The pattern seems to repeat itself over and over again. A game is talked about a lot, the expectation grows with the players and, the game of the exit, it is the disaster: it is simply unplayablee. In 2021, that game was Battlefield 2042. Even if you’re not a seasoned gamer, you’ve probably heard of the DICE title scandal. Just days after its release, it became one of Steam’s most hated games.

The fault of too many bugs, which got the better of the patience of the many players who had nevertheless rushed to the game as soon as it was released. Today, the few remaining users are sharing the crumbs, the others preferring to return to Battlefield V, which is much more popular with fans. It must be said that the chaos is such that even the publishers of cheat software have decided togive up all support for the game.

No one wants to stay in Battlefield 2042 anymore

On Twitter, Tom Henderson announces the amusing (at least, for all those who do not work at DICE) news: “Battlefield 2042 cheat software company is suspending services for the game… And no… It’s not because of anti-cheat. This is because the performance of the game does not allow cheats to work properly. »

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Indeed, one of the administrators posted this message on Discord: “We are removing Battlefield 2042 from our store. All subscriptions will continue as normal but there will be no renewals or purchases available. » He then explains that “the incessant performance issues plaguing the cheat software” encourage these users to no longer use it at all.

While Activision has been battling for months to get rid of cheaters on Call of Duty, EA won’t have this problem. Hopefully this will allow him to focus on fixing bugs and trying, if there’s still time, to pick up some players.

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