Battlefield 2042: only Portal mode could become free

Will Battlefield 2042 become free altogether? In any case, said the famous insider Tom Henderson. Only, he has just made other clarifications. According to his information, only the Portal mode would be affected by this transition to free-to-play.

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Credits: EA

As you know, the stars are aligned for Battlefield 2042 to become a complete wreck like Anthem, one of EA’s biggest flops. The beginnings of DICE’s FPS were very complicated, between bugs galore, weapon and vehicle balancing to be completely overhauled and essential features such as proximity chat to absent subscribers.

Result, in two months, the population of the game has drastically decreased to drop below the bar of 10,000 players. Previous opuses, such as Battlefield V, show better attendance! Faced with the dissatisfaction of the players, Steam has even decided to insert its commercial policy by reimbursing certain users.

Clearly, Battlefield 2042 is going into the wall, and EA is now looking to get back on track. Or at least limit the damage. According to Tom Henderson, renowned leaker and license specialist, it was possible that EA would adopt a free-to-play formula for Battlefield 2042. Rather surprising news, which would sound like the finding of a bitter failure for the American publisher.

Portal or Hazard Zone mode soon free?

Only, in a new video published on his official YouTube channel, the insider reveals other information on the subject. According to his sources within the studio and the publisher, there would be no question of making Battlefield 2042 free, but only one of its game modes. In this case, the Battlefield 2042 experience is divided into three categories:

  • All Out Warfare, which approximates the classic Battlefield experience with large objective encounters
  • Battlefield Portal, the sandbox that allows you to edit custom games on maps from old games
  • Battlefield Hazard Zone, a sort of Battle Royale in which several squads are sent into the field to collect hard drives and extract them

Thus and according to Tom Henderson, EA plans to make Portal or Hazard Zone mode free. The first proposal seems more sensible, since Portal systematically brings together more players than Hazard Zone. With this maneuver, the American company hopes to seduce players by giving them a first glimpse of the BF 2042 experience.

In this way, it could encourage them to buy the full game to access other game modes. EA’s next conference call with investors is scheduled for February 1, according to Henderson. There would obviously be a question of the financial performance of Battlefield 2042 and the changes envisaged to remedy the situation.

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