Battlefield 2042 players demand refund, Tesla recalls over 570,000 cars, this is the recap

Tesla wanted to play smart by offering funny horns, but now finds itself forced to recall hundreds of thousands of cars by order of the NHTSA. EA is also in trouble, because of the Battlefield 2042 controversy which continues to swell.

Credits: Tesla

Yesterday, the palm of the big figure went to Tesla, which had to recall 579,000 cars for a dark story of horn. While the manufacturer wanted to amuse the gallery with its animal noises, the NHTSA reminds him that they pose a great risk to uninformed pedestrians. EA is not to be outdone, with a petition that brings together no less than 100,000 signatories demanding reimbursement for Battlefield 2042. Finally, a former bank manager predicts that cryptocurrencies will experience a huge crash by next month.

Tesla pays the price for its humorous horns

Thunderbolt for American Tesla owners. This Thursday, February 10, the manufacturer requested the return of nearly 600,000 cars for a reason that he certainly had not foreseen. By offering the Boombox feature, which allows you to choose the sound of your horn from a wide range of proposals, the firm has drawn the wrath of the NHTSA, which believes that this feature is very dangerous for pedestrians. The latter could in fact not recognize the alert noise of vehicles.

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Will EA refund 100,000 Battlefield 2042 players?

In any case, this is what a petition signed by so many people requires. Since its release, the game has been controversial because of incessant bugs that make its experience unbearable. The number of signatories continues to climb elsewhere, prompting its creators to forward the request to the US Federal Trade Commission. The future will tell if EA will find itself up against the wall, like CD Projekt before it.

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The end of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is for the next month

At least, according to Anusorn Thammajai, the former director of the Bank of Thailand. According to him, the cryptocurrency market is just weeks away from a cataclysmic collapse, driven by rising interest rates. In other words, not everyone agrees with the analyst. Many experts claim that, on the contrary, cryptocurrencies will see their value skyrocket in the coming months.

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