Battlefield 2042: Steam bends its policy and refunds the game

Battlefield 2042’s descent into hell never stops. While the number of players connected daily decreases day by day, Steam has decided to deviate from its commercial policy. Indeed, Valve’s platform undertakes to reimburse dissatisfied players. Enough to motivate some to desert the battlefield for good.

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Without question, Battlefield 2042 is one of the biggest video game disappointments of the year, as was a certain Cyberpunk 2077 in its time. EA and DICE’s shooter have been stirring up controversy since its launch. It must be said that the adventure had started badly, and this from the beta with a very, very large number of bugs.

When the game comes out, it’s a cold shower: bugs galore, balance of weapons and vehicles to review, problems with the servers, essential functions such as voice chat or the missing scoreboard, etc. Despite the publication of several fixes by the DICE teams, the players’ grumbling has not subsided. The game quickly became one of the most hated titles on Steam.

And the latest controversy to date around paid Christmas skins has driven the nail on the coffin of Battlefield 2042. Result, the players said stop, preferring to return in numbers to Battlefield V, the previous opus of the franchise. On the Steam Charts site, there are at the time of writing these lines 17,000 active players on average on Battlefield Vā€¦ And only 8,200 players on Battlefield 2042.

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Steam breaks policy for Battlefield 2042

And as we can see on Reddit, Steam decided to add a little twist to the BF 2042 fiasco. Usually, Steam’s refund policy is strict: reimbursement cannot be made 14 days after purchase or after playing the title for more than 2 hours.

As you can imagine, many have exceeded these two fateful milestones. Disillusioned by the state of the game, some have decided to try their luck by asking Steam to refund the title. ā€œHope I can get my money back and spend it on games that really deserve it. I hope you don’t let a little guy suffer while big studios get my money for an unfinished, buggy product ā€, he wrote to the platform support.

After a first refusal (the user not checking one of the two conditions mentioned above), Steam finally reversed its decision on January 8, 2022. Indeed, the platform therefore deviated from its own policy and confirmed the reimbursement of the game. A significant commercial gesture, which will probably motivate other disappointed players to request it. It remains to be seen whether Steam intends to do the same for each request regarding Battlefield 2042.

steam bf 2042 refund
Credit: Reddit

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