Battlefield 2042: the number of players collapses, the game is less popular than the previous games

Battlefield 2042 was one of the most anticipated games of 2021, but many problems marred its release and scared players one by one to other licenses, but also to the previous installments in the series.

Credit: EA

Shortly after its release, early player feedback from Battlefield 2042 was already quite mixed. The cause is loading errors on the servers, optimization problems, bugs or even the absence of essential elements such as the scoreboard, statistics or even in-game voice chat.

DICE had however tried everything to correct the situation by releasing a major patch a few weeks after the game’s release, but it remained unplayable. It didn’t fail to piss off gamers who had high expectations, and Battlefield 2042 has since grown into one of the most hated games on Steam.

The number of players on Steam is plummeting

Faced with all these problems, players have therefore gradually deserted the game, and these are notably returned to previous installments in the series such as Battlefield V. The player counter of Battlefield 2042 has therefore collapsed on Steam, and it is currently struggling to exceed 10,000.

Battlefield 2042 now has so few players than previous games such as Battlefield V and Battlefield 1 have become more popular. It has become so worrying for gamers that on Reddit at least one discussion thread about the number of concurrent players in the game pops up every day.

In full descent into hell, Battlefield 2042 also sees the number of players requesting a refund increase, so much so that Steam decided to deviate from its commercial policy. In fact, Valve’s platform recently made a commitment to reimburse dissatisfied players, which will motivate most players to desert the battlefield for good. It is therefore not that surprising to see the number of players connected simultaneously collapsing. For now, it’s unclear exactly how DICE will react to this massive exodus of gamers, but we hope the studio will quickly correct it.

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