Battlefield 2042: the petition for reimbursement exceeds 100,000 signatures!

A month ago, a certain Satoshi Nakamoto launched a petition on the site. The goal ? Claim a full Battlefield 2042 refund from Sony, Dice, Steam, and Microsoft. After surpassing 30,000 signatures a week ago, the milestone of 100,000 signatures has been passed and the number has been growing ever since.

battlefield 2042 petition
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As you may know, Battlefield 2042 was one of the most anticipated titles at the end of 2021. However, the disappointment was great for players when the game arrived in November 2021. The fault of an avalanche of bugs, noticeable performance issues (even on PCs with a muscular configuration), a balancing of weapons and bankable vehicles and the absence of key features of the saga such as the traditional scoreboard or even local voice chat.

From week to week, and despite the distribution of numerous patches by the DICE studio, the attendance of the game has skyrocketed to pass under the bar of 6000 players on Steam as the SteamCharts site reveals. Moreover, the Valve platform has even made pranks in its commercial policy, since it has agreed (sometimes) to reimburse the game to certain dissatisfied players.

The icing on the cake, EA and DICE recently announced that the 1st season of Battlefield 2042 was postponed to summer 2022. In fact, no new content on the game before the summer period. Enough to motivate the last players to leave the ship for good. A user by the name of Satoshi Nakamato decided to step up to make the voice of the community heard just a month ago.

battlefield 2042 petition

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Petition for BF 2042 refund goes viral

Indeed, a petition has been launched in his name on the website. The goal ? Obtain as many signatures as possible to bend EA, DICE, Sony and Microsoft and obtain a full refund for Battlefield 2042 for those who request it, regardless of the purchase platform. Note that the petition was also forwarded to the Federal Trade Commission, the US Federal Trade Commission.

After crossing the 30,000 signature mark on February 8, 2022the petition has just exceeded the symbolic milestone of 100,000 signatures! As of this writing, that number is only climbing, and is now approaching 120,000 signatures. According to the organizers of this petition, the current number of signatories should make it possible to initiate a class action. “Please sign this petition if you feel you deserve a refund from Battlefield 2042″, invites Satoshi Nakamoto.


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