Battlefield Mobile is now on the Play Store and soon on your phone

Battlefild for mobile is near

At the beginning of the year, during the month of April to be exact, we learned that EA was preparing new installments of its popular saga Battlefield. Among them, in addition to the mandatory for PC and consoles, there would be a specific for mobile devices and we thought it was a great idea. Because if Call of Duty Mobile had been a great success, why couldn’t it also repeat what is considered one of the best war franchises.

Well, from that announcement until now we did not know much more, but now there is news that indicates that its launch is very close. At least the beginning of the trial period to later meet the deadline of a global launch at the end of 2021.

What is that news or clue that warns us of the launch of Battlefield for snartphones? Well, the game has already been seen in the Google Play Store catalog. Since August 18 it has been in the store, although it had not been discovered until now and the download is obviously not active.

Therefore, now it is only a matter of waiting for the first tests to begin which, according to the available information, will begin in Indonesia and the Philippines. If all goes well, EA’s plans are to expand the territories in which it will be available.

A title designed from scratch for mobile

Without much information about what it will be like, beyond what the screenshots published in the Play Store show along with a description, what it is that this It is not any kind of adaptation of the previous Battlefield available for consoles and computer.

This time it’s about a game made from scratch for mobile devices, so it is expected that the controls have been adapted in the best possible way to be played on touch screens.

So what you can expect is something similar to what Call of Duty Mobile offers with the logical differences being another saga that has opted for some different elements when playing. But if you like playing CoD on mobile, do the same with Battlefield too.

In the same way, it should support the use of gamepads, so connecting the Xbox or PlayStation gameplay would improve. In addition, in devices such as Apple’s iPad it is even more appreciated. And that without forgetting that there are devices that allow you to connect a keyboard and mouse for a PC experience. Which in this type of games provides competitive advantages by having greater precision of movements and shots, as well as speed.

How to know when Battlefield Mobile will officially arrive

At the moment there is no type of alert or notification that you can configure to be aware of the official launch. Yes, you can periodically check the address of the game in the Play Store and wait for EA to activate the notification system With which, after pre-registering, you will receive a notice to your email when you can download what could be the next great mobile FPS.

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