Baymax: first trailer for the Big Hero 6 spin-off series

Disney + Day has officially started and the start of the event dedicated to the new productions of The Walt Disney Company coincides with the launch of the first trailer of Baymax.

Announced in December 2021, the spin-off series of the animated film Big Hero 6 will feature the adorable and lonely healthcare robot.

The first Baymax trailer

The show will follow his various adventures around San Fransokyo with Baymax just wanting to help, even if that means taking a long time to put up a coffee lid at the Lucky Cat Cafe.

But let’s not dwell further and enjoy the trailer for the series.

When does the Baymax series come out?

This isn’t the first time Big Hero 6 characters have made the move to the small screen. Big Hero 6: The Series, in fact, it aired from 2018 to 2021 on the Disney Channel and is set after the events of the film. Unlike the feature film, however, Big Hero 6: The Series was made in 2D animation.

Baymax, however, will be made in the same style as the 2014 animated film, though it’s still unclear whether the series will reference the events of the Disney Channel show.

Baymax! will premiere on Disney Plus in the summer of 2022.

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