Be a better gamer with this Logitech G512 RGB mechanical keyboard on sale

Why not have it all? The price is always a stumbling block when buying, it happens with any product and the pocket and the portfolio are always tight. Money gives what it gives, but when offers like this come out … We had better not let them escape, because after touching the historical minimum price again in another failed error in the price of this model, now we do have a real offer.

Logitech G512, a price that surely will not be repeated

And we are talking about a cost of no less than 125 euros for a mechanical gaming keyboard signed by Logitech that would not have to be presented as such because of its fame, but in case you are confused, we will put you in a situation.

This fame comes from its technical characteristics and good performance, starting with the most sought after by every gamer: good switches. Here we will have the mechanical switches GX, which are manufactured by the brand itself and where in this model that Amazon offers we will have them in its version Brown.

It is a 100% keyboard, that is, it includes all the available keys along with numpad, something that many value. As expected it includes a custom RGB lighting system with 16.8 million colors to create any animation we think of using patented technology LIGHTSYNC.

This lighting may vary with compatible games, music or what is seen on screen, as long as everything supports it through its software.

Premium materials, customizable keys, and gaming features

Like all good premium keyboard this Logitech G512 has a structure of aluminum-magnesium alloy 5052 that give it from a spectacular finish to better rigidity and less torsion.

In the details is the difference and to differentiate itself from the rest of the competitors in its segment, this mechanical gaming keyboard includes the much sought after USB PassThrought, with which you can connect any device to use, load or import and export files.

You could not miss the function keys, with which you can select by pressing FN and the corresponding key from the PC volume, lighting or alternative commands. It is also possible to activate and deactivate the game mode by pressing FN + F8, so that we will benefit from total immersion without going to the desktop by mistake when pressing.

In short, we are talking about a premium keyboard that measures 132 x 445 x 35.5 mm weighing 1,130 grams and now decreasing its price by 28% from 125 euros to 89.42 euros. Without a doubt, a more than desirable offer to start the return of the holidays well, because going back to work does not have to be so bad.

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