Be careful if you have a Fitbit Ionic!

Presented in 2017 and on sale until very recently, the Fitbit Ionic was, at the time, a most interesting proposal. As we told you then, it was a device capable of standing up to the almighty Apple Watch, and the only thing that stood out in the negative section was its price in Europe, 349 euros, compared to the 299 dollars that you had to pay to get it in the United States. Joined. Other than that, it seemed like an excellent choice.

And if we already liked it in the first instance, the taste in the mouth that it left us when trying it was not far behind. Quite the contrary, it reached a 9 in our evaluations, for which it obtained the recommended product seal. In addition, over the years it has received several updates with new apps, improvements to existing ones, more spheres to customize the design… in short, the Fitbit Ionic has remained, over the years, as a highly recommended option when it comes to of choosing smartwatch.

However, a few months after his dismissal from the market, it seems that the watch is going to have a more bitter end than expected, because according to The New York Times The company has initiated the withdrawal of more than one million units of the Fitbit Ionic, as a result of a problem with the battery of the device. Since the smartwatch is no longer for sale, all units claimed by the company are in the hands of individuals.

The problem with the battery of the Fitbit Ionic, lithium ion, is that in some units it has experienced temperature rises above normal, which would have caused several incidents, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission ( UCPSC). Specifically, according to this federal body, it would have evidence of no less than 115 reported incidents, including four reports of second-degree burns and two of third-degree burns.

The bulk of the Fitbit Ionic sold is in the United States, with around a million units sold. But it is not the only market affected, as it is estimated that slightly less than 700,000 units were sold, during these years, throughout the world, so Fitbit is also responding to users in other countries, who currently have a Fitbit Ionic still in operation. You can find the procedure to follow in your country on this website.

And it is that, in response to these incidents, the program launched by the company to recover the Fitbit Ionic consists of offer users of the same a full refund of the watch, the necessary means so that they can send it for free and, additionally, a discount for their next branded device. An acceptable measure for those who have acquired it more recently, but without a doubt the most generous for those who have had it for years, since the program does not seem to make distinctions based on the date of purchase or anything like that.

Given the long time that has elapsed since the first units were sold until these problems began to occur, we can infer that it is not a problem related to the ways of using the Fitbit Ionic, but rather a problem of fatigue of the fingers. battery manufacturing materials, which is why, even though the incidence is quite low with respect to the units sold, the company has made the most sensible decision, assuming the costs of withdrawing all the units. It is not the best ending we could expect for this smartwatch, but it is certainly the most decent.

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