Be careful if you have a GIGABYTE font: they explode and there is no guarantee!

Gigabyte GP-P750GM font

If you have followed the recent drama that emerged around Gigabyte ‘explosive’ fonts, you will be aware of the massive reaction that customers have had about it. To further aggravate the situation, today broke the news of a user with a problematic Gigabyte source who tried manage an RMA with the brand and the manufacturer refused to admit it, claiming that the source was not eligible for their RMA program. What’s going on with Gigabyte and its warranty policy?

Affected user owns a power supply Gigabyte GP-P750GM which is part of those explosive units that are causing problems. Before this happened, he decided to open a support ticket with the brand, to which he got in response that the replacement program that Gigabyte has opened in this regard is only applicable to the newer batches of power supplies.

Gigabyte’s source story and refusal to do RMA


In February we echoed a story that spoke of Gigabyte power supplies that were literally exploding. The problem entails the sudden death of the power supply, although in some cases the sources do not even turn on right away (which is, it must be said, preferable to the source exploding), and the reason for this is that after a working day in which the source has reached a certain temperature, after turning off the PC (and letting it cool down) and turning it on again, the switching FETs and some capacitors explode when trying activate the OCP and OPP on the 12V line.

The degree of problems in this family of Gigabyte power supplies does not end there, as many users have reported a large number of them: broken coils, fried components, DOA and of course the sudden death of the device, which comes at a time when the one that no longer turns on. The problem, we repeat, seems to be in the measurement points of the OCP and the OPP, which in certain scenarios do not protect the source systems from overloads … a problem that seems obvious is design.

Based on this, Gigabyte released a press release stating that it had opened a replacement program to change faulty power supplies, which is why this user we are talking about opened a support ticket in order for the manufacturer to replace his power supply before it failed.

Gigabyte refuses to process the RMA, but who is right?


In the press release, Gigabyte reported that it would offer RMA service on various models with supported serial numbers, this is true, so not all power supplies in the family would be covered by this replacement program. For the GP-P750GM power supply model, RMA service is available for serial numbers ranging from SN20243G001301 to the SN20453G025430, and since the serial number of the affected user’s power supply is SN20243G001306, it is theoretically within this replacement program.

The answer to your ticket “this press release applies only to newer batches” is therefore not applicable, as in the press release Gigabyte did not refer to production time but to certain specific serial numbers. It is therefore evident that the Gigabyte support is wrong, either the agent did not notice that the serial number was included among the applicable models to manage the RMA, or the manufacturer directly lied in its press release .

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