Be heard on Twitch with these microphones

The streamers They have flourished like mushrooms around the countryside in recent times and many times you only have to take a tour of Twitch or YouTube to see the paraphernalia they organize to broadcast from their room, with microphones that have so many arms that they look like a Transformer, but what of? TRUE it takes so much trouble for one to be heard well? Well, it will not be and that is why we bring you three high-quality alternatives.

The sound, key in your broadcast

No matter how good your camera is, how elaborate the layout of your program and even the level of your setup with LED lights, neons and super-cured backgrounds that As you are not heard well, all those who have approached your channel will run away frightened. So the microphone is an essential and key element for the success of your programs, especially if you want to grow and one day dedicate yourself to being a content creator.

And unlike those models with arms (which can be added later) that you see on the big channels, we We are going to recommend three standing, of those that are placed on the table to receive your torrent of voice and transfer it to the broadcast program that you have. Without many problems but above all with quality. Then, when you’re someone important in the world, if you want, you can put up supports of several meters to impress the audience.

Standing but with great quality

Thus, we have decided to bring you three models of standing microphones but that have the common denominator of their sound quality. The first of them is from a well-known brand like Creative, which within this hardware panorama gaming and of streaming It has seen tremendous growth. This model Live! Mic M3 is a couple of years old now but it’s still as relevant as it was then: volume control, tilt-adjustable foot, muteselector of sound reception between cardioid and omni and compatible with both PC and Mac.

This model is of the cardioid type, so it It is designed to pick up the sound from a specific point, which in this case is us, has a button to mute the microphone, adjustable stand and option to use it vertically or horizontally as well as condenser technology.

Finally we bring you a more complete solution, a condenser, with a volume control button and, most importantly in this case, It has its own software where we can modulate the sound quality that we receive, activate filters, block the distortion of our voice and delay the signal in the event that we connect external cameras in which certain lag.

In all cases, when the time comes you can replace the feet that come standard with articulated arms Their main advantage is that they free up desktop space and are somewhat more manageable to keep them off the table when we are not doing streaming.

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