Beats Powerbeats Pro: less than 155 euros, they are now at their best price

[Le Deal du Jour] The Powerbeats Pro are alternatives to Apple’s AirPods, with whom they share a lot of similarities, but with a positioning focused on sports practice. They are now at their best price at less than 155 euros.

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The Powerbeats Pro are wireless headphones marketed since 2019 by Beats, which was acquired by Apple in 2014. Although the brand’s history of audio quality in its products has not always been glorious, the Powerbeats Pro are excellent in-ear headphones, which were billed as better alternatives to AirPods upon release.

Today, the Powerbeats Pro benefit from a discount of nearly 100 euros to fall to 153 euros instead of 249.95 euros when they were released.

Powerbeats Pro headphones // Source: Beats

To better understand the offer

  • Why are the Powerbeats Pro more attractive at this price?

The Powerbeats Pro are wireless headphones intended primarily for sports use thanks to their IPX4 certification, but they are of course not restricted to this use. They have the advantage of benefiting from an excellent grip via a branch coming to hang behind the ear and an in-ear tip. They offer an effective rendering, particularly focused on the bass, but also effective on the treble and mids. They don’t benefit from active sound isolation, but their in-ear tips are good at taking advantage of passive isolation.

In short, they’re arguably better than AirPods, less than Pro AirPods, but more versatile (and cheaper) than the latter overall. They’re recommended in our guide to the best wireless headphones of 2021.

To learn more about the Powerbeats Pro, head over to our full review.

  • What device are they compatible with?

The Powerbeats Pro are, like any headphones, compatible with all Bluetooth certified devices like PCs, smartphones or even some TVs. However, they are still primarily intended for use with an iPhone. for several reasons: the lightning charging connector identical to that of the latter and a simplified fitting on Apple products thanks to their H1 chip (identical to that of AirPods). They are also compatible with spatial audio on Apple Music, like any headset in principle, but offered here automatically and transparently.

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