Beautiful green, ring-shaped aurora borealis captured from the International Space Station

Space is fascinating for many people and the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet conformed why. And it is that through his Twitter account he shared a couple of photographs of the northern lights in the shape of a radiant green ring with fragments of light emitted by the curvature of our planet, which he took during an orbital mission in the International Space Station.

“We encountered the strongest auroras of the entire mission, over North America and Canada. Incredible peaks higher than our orbit and we flew just above the center of the ring, fast waves and pulses everywhere,” wrote the astronaut from the European Space Agency (ESA) on the social network.

Solar storms sparked beautiful northern lights

The planet is under the effects of a solar storm and no, we have not run out of technology or telecommunications, but what has happened are a series of northern lights around the world. The previous photos were thanks to this spatial phenomenon.

And it is that just a month ago there was another geomagnetic storm that was not serious, but the residents of Scotland, Tasmania, the coast of Victoria, in Australia, as well as in the United States and Canada, enjoyed the auroras. Some experts believe that the northern and southern auroras will be much more common in the coming years because the Sun entered a very active cycleBut none of this will affect technology systems.

What are the Northern Lights?

According to the POT, the auroras are generated in the terrestrial atmosphere when the magnetized plasma particles of the Sun collide with the magnetic field of the Earth, after this the atoms obtain an extra energy which is released as light, “when we see the brightness of the aurora , we are observing 1 billion individual collisions that illuminate the lines of the Earth’s magnetic field, ”according to the US space agency.


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