because of the pandemic, the living room is deserted

A true meeting place for technology lovers, CES 2022 had to have a series of cancellations this year, both for the public and for its biggest exhibitors.

With the exception of 2021, when the show was forced to display closed doors because of the pandemic, the CES is one of the major meetings for technophiles every year. With several thousand companies represented, and an ever-growing audience, the American event was the scene of some major announcements on the new technology market, from the VCR video recorder in 1970 to Blu-Ray in 2004, via NES and Xbox consoles, HD televisions, or the cult game Pong. Those who have had the chance to walk the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the show period know, for a few days it is the effervescence that reigns.

A lean year for CES

However this year, things are a little different. While a good number of public events preferred to bet on an entirely virtual organization, the CES 2022 held firm, and maintained its physical edition. However, the bet was not won: between the explosion in the number of cases linked to the Omicron variant, and the serial cancellation of several major market players, the show almost never opened its doors. The CTA has, however strengthened its health security measures, and continued to focus on a hybrid organization.

The CES is therefore taking place this week, despite a closing ceremony which will take place one day earlier than planned. However, it is far from its historical glory. Journalists and the general public alike have for many (the Journal du Geek included), preferred bet on distance to avoid any risk of contamination. On social networks, the courageous few present on site thus note a living room with the air of a great desert. Among them, Mashable cites Heather Delaney, director of a consulting firm, who, with photos to support, is delighted on Twitter to be able to “Sit at CES for the first time in [sa] career”.

This year, CES will have to forget the hustle and bustle of crowded conference rooms. A situation that is ultimately not worse in view of the current health situation.

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