Become a cook with the best TikTok recipes

The first account we want to talk to you about is, in turn, one of the most popular in this sector. It is the profile of Calixto Serna, also known as Mexico Cooking Club. Calixto is passionate about food, he is part of it, and he shows it through all the content he publishes on his networks. He enjoys experimenting with food, creating new dishes that he later shows us on his TikTok profile, or even trying to recreate some dishes from the restaurants he visits. Calizto’s account has already reached 8.4 million followers within this social network and continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

On the other hand, being another super known profile in this social network, we find the Chef Matt Broussard who is, without a doubt, one of the funniest chefs you will be able to see here. On your account you will be able to learn to make recipes of all kinds, from succulent meat dishes, pumpkin coffees, pancakes and many others. Dishes that, in many cases, do not take too long to prepare, which is great. Matt has already managed to reach more than 4.8 million foodies with their TikTok account.

Announcer, chef and professional pastry chef, these would be some of the ways to define Javi rosemberg. Although his account in this social network, which has already managed to reach the number of 4.2 million followers, is more focused on the last two. Among all the recipes that Javi publishes you can find sweets, roasts, sandwiches, etc. And, the best thing is that each and every one of them is prepared with a lot of love and grace, something that shows in every video that he publishes.

If you are one of those who search for recipes through different social networks, it is more than likely that, on some occasion, you will come across one of Elguzii. And it is that Gustavo Figueroa, that is his real name, has become one of the most famous content creators in the kitchen sector. He will teach us to make recipes of all kinds, adorned with constant touches of humor. Does a man disguised as a panda bear cooking sound familiar to you, well that’s Elguzii. This curious and friendly cook has 2.6 million followers in this social network currently.

The account of Cook with Chia It literally exploded during the quarantine almost two years ago. Since then he has been adding and adding until reaching his current 1.9 million followers on TikTok, and a good amount on Instagram. His videos are all of simple recipes of different types but with something in common: they are simple and quick recipes to prepare. In addition, Alex, who is what this boy is really called, is always joking and playing word games, which makes consuming his content much more enjoyable and entertaining.

We continue with a profile that is focused, above all, for lovers of sweet. Easy recipes from the hand of Juanes Sanchez, among which you can find fried ice cream, crepes, cupcakes, oreos and many more that will make you skip your diet. Juanes also has a “section” in which he publishes recipes for well-known films such as Ratatouille from the well-known Disney animated film or the chocolate cake from the Matilda film. Juanes is already followed 1.5 million followers in this social network.

The account of Paulina Kitchen is a clear example of pure love for cooking, and that is noted by his 980 thousand followers to which it has come so far. The same teaches you how to cook a perfect chicken rice, an ideal salad or the most loving tortilla of all TikTok. In addition, Paulina also makes many recommendations for small details of the kitchen that you will surely find super useful.

We now come to the kitchen of the buccaneer of the stoves, which bears the name of The pirate’s kitchen. A super fun and entertaining profile in which you can learn to cook recipes of all kinds. Although, yes, without too many complications. Enjoy their pasta salads, sweets, burritos, rice dishes or canapés, as well as many tips that will make you prepare dishes with amazing ease. Thanks to the great content created by this user and his group, they already reach the number of 943 thousand followers in this social network.

David García’s account seems to us to have one of the most suitable names for a true food lover: Always hungry. And it seems that his recipes are a success, because he already reaches the 193 thousand users on TikTok. David’s specialty is quick, simple recipes that don’t give you too lazy to make. Perfect dishes for those of us who do not have too much time to spend in the kitchen, but without giving up preparing something delicious. From sweets, meats, cocktails and even fast food. And it is that at this boy’s house, as he indicates in his own biography, “the oven is always ready for buns.”

Last but not least, we want to recommend you another perfect account for lovers of simple and quick recipes. She is Sofia Croqs and among its publications we can see from the typical broken eggs, squid tacos, different rice dishes, hamburgers, mini pizzas and much more variety. Although, as her name suggests, she declares herself a lover of croquettes. So we will also find different ways to prepare this typical Spanish dish. Sofía is already followed in this social network by more than 168 thousand users who love all its elaborations and the good vibes that it transmits.

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