Becomes Dr. Octopus with the help of Arduino

The arms of Dr. Octopus

All of us who like fiction, the world of comics, superhero movies, etc., are very attracted to the idea of ​​being able to become, even for just one day, one of those characters. Being or, rather, being able to dress like Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man or any other character is something that draws a lot of attention.

The problem is that it is not easy to achieve certain characterizations, although thanks to the use of 3D printers and development boards such as the Raspberry Pi many things can be achieved. Although if there is another star device in all this maker world it is, without a doubt, Arduino.

These small development boards allow you to easily program and control a multitude of components. Their use is so easy that you don’t need to have great previous knowledge to start messing with them and a clear example is Tomás Castellanos.

After building some other project based on Arduino, his latest creation is about mechanical arms similar to those of Dr. Octopues of Spider-Man. They are not identical, because that would require much more time, effort and technical skills, but they are still quite striking as you can see in the video you have below.

As you may have seen, the last trailer for Spider-Man 3 was the one that inspired him to make these mechanical arms that, saving the distance, are great. In addition, although they may seem very complex, the truth is that with a little dedication you could build your own or use them as inspiration for something else you can think of to do in terms of robotics and use of Arduino.

Also an Iron Man armor with JARVIS

If you liked the arms of Dr. Octopus, you also have to see the Iron Man armor that he created with integrated JARVIS. If he Mark 7 suit one of the most popular Avengers is able to recognize voice commands to interact with the user. And yes, again it is thanks to an Arduino board that it manages to have the same voice as Tony Stark’s assistant and to detect when he is being spoken to.

Logically the love does not include other parts that, through the use of servomotors, move like the ones in the movies or those that have already been made by other users who love Cosplay, but that does not detract from its merit or attractiveness. What’s more, surely more than one Marvel fan would want to have it in their own room.

So, with all this and in the same way that this user has been able to create all this in a self-taught way, with a lot of dedication you could also encourage yourself to build something similar if everything related to robotics and the MAKER theme catches your attention. .

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