Before sending a file over the Internet, do not make these mistakes

Failure to share files on the Internet

It must be taken into account that in most cases the security and privacy issues They come after mistakes made by the users themselves. Hackers are usually going to need the interaction of the victim. They will require us to click on a link, download a malicious document or, also, send something over the Internet without taking precautions.

That is why it is convenient to know which are the most common errors when sending files over the network. It is important to know how it could affect us and thus be safe. We must always preserve our data.

Don’t remove metadata

The metadata they are information that is added to files. At least many documents and files have added data that provides information on certain aspects. For example, an image can contain information about where it was taken, with what device, etc. The same can happen with Word documents or videos.

This data can be useful at any given time, but it could also compromise our privacy. If we want to send files over the network without putting our personal data at risk at any time, a good idea is to first delete this metadata. For this there are different tools that help us to achieve it.

Use unofficial programs

Of course a very typical mistake is to use apps that are not official. We are talking about third-party services that may allow us to send and receive files, but that could actually be compromising our privacy.

Our advice is to always use official, legitimate software that has all the guarantees. It is true that sometimes we can use other programs with added functions, but this could also pose a significant problem for privacy and security. We can use many services to store files in the cloud.

Have the equipment unprotected

We must always have security programs in place to keep in good condition our team. If we are going to share files over the Internet, something that cannot be missing is to have our system fully protected. Luckily we can count on many antivirus, firewalls and other tools. There are both free and paid and for all types of equipment.

Leave files on the network indefinitely

This is a mistake that many users make. Sometimes we share a folder with certain files through a platform and we leave it there, indefinitely. We forget and this could compromise us in the future.

We do not know if that site we are using could have a vulnerability at any given time. It may even serve hackers to steal information. Therefore, the ideal would be to share the files and later delete them. We should never leave them indefinitely.

In short, these are some typical errors when sending files over the Internet. We must avoid making mistakes that could affect our security and privacy. They are very important factors that we must take care of.

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