Beijing censored clip that pokes fun at Chinese propaganda

Chinese censorship is doing everything to stifle dissenting voices opposing Beijing’s more or less hidden desire to annex Taiwan. She banned the broadcast of an incendiary song by Namewee and Kimberley Chen, which was a hit on Taiwanese social networks.

“Fragile”: under its look of a love song about the separation of a couple, this track actually tells the story of China vis-à-vis Taiwan. The two singers castigate the temptation to hegemonic Chinese, Beijing threatening to annex the rebel territory. Namewee and Kimberley Chen play the card of humor and double meaning, with such talent that the censorship has banned the song in China!

Taiwanese social media success

But Taiwan is not yet subject to Chinese censorship. That’s why the song is a hit on the island state’s social networks, with nearly 40 million views. Between the lines, the authors laugh at the Chinese propaganda, with many allusions to pink: it is the color under which the zealous Internet users of the Chinese Communist Party are designated, who hunt dissenting or mocking speech on social networks.

Certain lyrics of the song also refer to the stormy relations between the two countries: we can thus hear ” You force me to tell the whole world that I belong to you. But the truth is not always easy to hear. Forgive me if i hurt you Words that evoke the tensions between China and Taiwan.

Manewee, whose accounts are censored on Chinese social networks, doesn’t care. ” The one who is censored is the Chinese public », He believes. Many are hoping that other artists will follow in this direction, and maybe some songs will manage to slip through the cracks.

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