Bem the human monster: the original anime available for free on VVVVID in full HD

Waiting for that Dynit reveal the release date of the first Blu-ray edition in box set of Bem the human monster (Yōkai ningen Bemu), the historical anime of the 60s is available for free on VVVVID full HD.

By connecting to this address we will be able to review all 26 episodes of a cult series that has fascinated the Italian public since its first (and for a long time) only broadcast in 1982.

Bem the human monster for free in Full HD on VVVVID

The Italian streaming platform describes the anime as follows:

Bem looks like a gangster, Bero looks like a kid and Bera has all the features of a witch. But humans immediately recognize them for what they are: yokai. Despite their looks, the three really want to help humans, hoping someday to become like them.

For this they will fight to their aid, hoping to be repaid with the coming true of this dream to the limits of the impossible. Anime historian born when animation studies in Japan began to multiply, “Bem” was ostracized in the motherland for particularly splatter scenes.

Today it remains the progenitor of a genre, characterized by unique sounds thanks to a soundtrack with jazz tones.

Details and plot of the anime Yōkai ningen Bemu

The original anime (created in 11968 by Saburo Sakai and Nobuhide Morikawa), with dark and disturbing settings, was the first true horror anime to arrive on Italian TV with its content of stories and threatening and terrifying details on the verge of splatter.

The issues addressed caused numerous problems already in Japan and Bem the human monster when it arrived in Italy in 1982, it was partially censored due to the contents considered too gory and horror, a genre until then reserved only for an adult audience, despite the themes addressed in the 26 episodes were of a noble nature such as justice, compassion and defense of the weakest.

After the first broadcast on Rete 4 and other very rare appearances on local networks, we will have to wait almost 20 years to find Bem on Italian screens when, after acquiring the rights, Dynit re-doubled the anime in the early 2000s for publication in DVD and broadcast on MTV.

Bem, Bera and Bero are humanoid monsters (yōkai) who fight for good against demonic forces. Animated by a strong sense of justice and innate loyalty, the three try to protect humans from the real monsters that live among them.

Although persecuted, despised and marginalized because of their terrifying appearance, Bem, Bera and Bero continue to fight defending men from evil, in the hope that one day they too can finally become human.

As always, we can only take the opportunity to listen to the historical theme song of the anime, a piece that has now become a cult sung by Nico Fidenco.

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