Benedict Cumberbatch joins the cast of Dungeons and Dragons

Benedict Cumberbatch, according to reports from sources in the English press, he has joined the cast of actors who will take part in the next film adaptation of Dungeons and Dragons.

Apparently, after voicing a promotional short for Drizzt, the English actor we saw as Doctor Strange, Sherlock Holmes, Alan Turing and the dragon Smaug among others, he decided that he did 30, he might as well do 31!

Benedict Cumberbatch will be in the next Dungeons and Dragons movie

Cumberbatch according to what reported by The Sun would have (the conditional is a must, not having yet official confirmation from the parties) signed to take part in the cast of the next film set in the world of D&D.

The British actor would thus join an already very rich cast.

Among the actors that we are already certain have a role in the film we find in fact Regé-Jean Page, Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Hugh Grant isJustice Smith. To direct the scenes set in the fantasy world created by Gary Gygax there will be John Francis Daley is Jonathan M. Goldstein.

Filming is already underway in England, where Cumberbatch is also required on the set of the second film dedicated to Doctor Strange (Ah, do we use superhero names? Cit.). This does not confirm or deny anything, but we know that the multifaceted and prolific actor certainly does not miss the opportunity to add a film to his already long film list!

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