Benedict Cumberbatch talks about the Mephisto theory in Spider-Man

The theory that Doctor Strange may not be who he claims to be …

Mephisto is a demonic supervillain who has faced Spider-Man in the comics on occasion (Spider-Man: One day more). Famous for being the one who created the Ghost Rider, his powers go through manipulating the forces of magic, as does doctor Strange. Apart from that, he also possesses super strength, the ability to adopt forms, manipulate memories, etc.

Well, one of the theories that fans repeat the most is that Doctor Strange wouldn’t be himself in Spider-Man: No way home, but it would be Mephisto. Or at the very least, the archdemon would be controlling the actions of our favorite Marvel wizard.

What are they based on to say that?

You have probably already seen the trailer a thousand times, but just in case, we will tell you what arouses the suspicions of many fans. Doctor Strange adopts a more casual and relaxed character than is usual for him, but that is not the key. At Peter Parker’s request, Strange agrees to cast a powerful spell that will alter reality, even when Wong warns him not to.

That is very strange and we are not making a joke with the doctor’s name. Strange has always warned that certain spells can alter time and realities in unexpected ways (as appears to occur in No way home, where we will have mixed multiverses). But in this case, being quite inconsistent with his general behavior, the magician agrees to the request of Spider-man. Why?

The explanation would be that Mephisto is trying to fool spider-man once again and sow chaos and despair.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. So on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Benedict Cumberbatch was asked directly if Dr. Strange was Mephisto. The actor replied that no. However, we already know that Marvel actors are forbidden to reveal script details and that more than once they have played the distraction, so it is better to take that answer with pins. In case you understand English, here is the video so you can judge for yourself if he is lying to us.

After all, Andrew Garfield has also denied that he will appear and Tobey Maguire seems lost on some desert island, but all fans are waiting for the epic shot of the three together and, frankly, we would be disappointed not to see it.

What do you think? Is it Doctor Strange Mephisto and are they playing catch-up? Has the character of our favorite wizard changed after Thanos had disintegrated him for a while? The definitive answer, on December 17.

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