Benefits of collaborative delivery for SMEs

The collaborative delivery company, Shopopop, has identified three benefits that collaborative deliveries contribute to SMEs, among which are the optimization of the costs used in logistics, the increase in competitiveness and customer loyalty.

Spanish small and medium-sized companies need to adapt to new demands in matters such as delivery, so that they can maintain their competitiveness in the market. Thus, these companies find it difficult to offer an optimal delivery service to their customers, which is a crucial factor when it comes to retaining their loyalty. Added to this is the existence of barriers on the part of SMEs to assume the high fuel prices and the exponential increase in demand for home deliveries.

Therefore, among the benefits that collaborative delivery platforms offer to small and medium-sized companies, the collaborative delivery startup highlights:

  1. Optimization of logistics costs. Collaborative deliveries are an alternative for SMEs that allows them to avoid large financial investments in last-mile deliveries. Specifically, Shopopop relies on a community of private distributors, the Shoppers, citizens who take advantage of their daily trips, such as going to work, to deliver products at home from the points of sale associated with the platform. Thus, the operating costs of traditional logistics and additional human resources are optimized.
  2. Increased competitiveness: This collaborative delivery model helps narrow the digital gap that exists between large companies, which already have a digitized delivery service, and SMEs. In this way, thanks to this type of collaborative delivery, small and medium-sized companies can implement the delivery service in their model and, thus, be competitive in the market.
  3. Customer loyalty. The operation of this organization represents a sustainable solution for SMEs, since the habitual displacements of the distributors to make the deliveries are optimized. In addition, thanks to the speed of the service, since deliveries can be made within 2 hours and are not limited by time slot, it encourages customers to increase their loyalty.

“This is a business model that allows us to solve many of the problems that SMEs encounter when it comes to offering a correct delivery service, favoring economic growth and customer loyalty. In nearby countries, as in the case of France, there are already more than 2,200 SMEs that use these services”says Clara Lloveres, General Country of Spain in Shopopop.

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