Benzema smells like Ballon d’Or

Although some of them had already been leaked, we finally have the official list of the best fifa 23 players which will start as the most desired cards in FUT, the well-known game mode in the series with more revenue than EA could have ever imagined. Were you already worried about what your attacking trident will be? Well, take a look at the list and think about tactics.

The best FIFA 23 players

FIFA 23.

This is the list of default top rated players, that is, they are the standard cards that arrive without any type of improvement included for great performances, qualifications for the Champions League or scoring streak. Many of these basic cards will end up improving over time due to these factors, but in the first few weeks, it will be the only thing you can hope for in the transfer market.

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To start heating things up, EA has announced the first 23 players with higher scores, a list that, as many had imagined, is led by Karim Benzema, the Real Madrid player who against all odds plans to win the Ballon d’Or in the next edition.

The complete list of the 23 highest scoring players in FIFA 23 is as follows:

  1. [91] Karim Benzema – SD – Real Madrid
  2. [91] Robert Lewandowski – DC – FC Barcelona
  3. [91] Kylian Mbappe – DC – Paris Saint Germain
  4. [91] Kevin by Bruyne – CM – Manchester City
  5. [91] Lionel Messi – RW – Paris Saint Germain
  6. [90] Muhammad Salah – RW – Liverpool F.C.
  7. [90] Virgil Van Dijk – CF – Liverpool F.C.
  8. [90] Christian Ronaldo – DC – Manchester United
  9. [90] Thibaut Courtois – Real Madrid
  10. [90] Manuel Neuer – BY – Bayern Munich
  11. [89] Neymar Jr – EI – Paris Saint Germain
  12. [89] heung-min Are – IE – Tottenham Hotspur
  13. [89] sound Mane – LM – Bayern Munich
  14. [89] Joshua Kimmich – CDM – Bayern Munich
  15. [89] Casemiro – CDM – Manchester United
  16. [89] Allison – BY – Liverpool F.C.
  17. [89] Harry kane – DC – Tottenham Hotspur
  18. [89] Ederson – BY – Manchester City
  19. [89] N’Golo Kante – CDM – Chelsea F.C.
  20. [89] Jan oblak – BY – Atletico Madrid
  21. [88] Erling Haland – DC – Manchester City
  22. [88] Tony Kross – CM – Real Madrid
  23. [88] Marquinhos – DF – Paris Saint Germain

Few changes in general (and down)

As you can see, the list has been quite benevolent with some players, and in general terms the average has dropped considerably if we take into account that the number one player has two points less than the number 1 of last year. In total, there are 7 score decreases and 5 increases, while the rest have remained with the same general score.

Benzema is the player who has experienced the most improvements, rising points in pace, shooting, passing and physical, while Messi has dropped points in all aspects except defense. It is quite clear that the ratings this year have been tougher, although the power of the Premier League continues to dominate with great players remaining visible in this overall top.

We’ll see how the season progresses and which more discreet players end up being revelations as we watch games. Do you already have your lineup in mind? Remember that FIFA 23 will go on sale on September 27, so it shouldn’t take long to have your dream team raised, at least on paper. Do you miss any players who have had a remarkable season to be on this list of 23?

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