Beoplay EQ: True Wireless headphones just for B&O fans

Active noise cancellation and B&O aesthetics

Among the many brands that exist and are dedicated to manufacturing audio devices there is one that has always managed to stand out for aspects such as its sound quality, the careful and elegant design or the use of very good quality materials as well as for a very striking sound . Yes, that brand is none other than Bang & Olufsen.

The Danish manufacturer has been demonstrating its good work in the sound market for years, although its devices are always aimed at a sector of users with high purchasing power. It is true that there are options that anyone could buy, but you are not always willing to pay for very aesthetic and good quality that they offer.

That is what may happen to the Beoplay EQ, the brand’s first adaptive noise canceling headphones and true wireless. Why pay the 399 euros that they count is something that we do not believe that all users will be able to do. Unless they are not already self-confessed fans.

Still, the new Beoplay EQ They are interesting to know, because beyond the premium aspect they incorporate a series of characteristics that could certainly justify an investment that would be twice what options such as Apple’s AirPods Pro are worth at the moment and with offers that are usually recurring or almost the same price for the Sony WF-1000.

As you can see on an aesthetic level, they are somewhat reminiscent of the Jabra Elite 75T that we analyze here and that by the way we do not tire of recommending, because they are a very good option: light and with great sound as well as ANC system after the last firmware update. .

Going back to Beoplay EQThey are physically very attractive both in the beige version with these golden touches and in the black (much more elegant). Likewise, the case seems to offer a fairly adequate size for the type of headset that they are and not only charges via USB C, but also wirelessly with a base compatible with Qi standard.

Regarding the specifications, the noise cancellation system that is based on the passive option offered by the silicone pads and on the hardware itself promises adapt to user needs depending on the situation. For it six microphones analyze outside noise in order to provide the best cancellation.

If to this we add some 20 hours of total playback using the case and some 6.5 hours with only the headphone charge, result in an option to consider if you are looking for headphones of this type.

Are a 400 euro true wireless headphones worth it?

The big question, are headphones like this worth it? Obviously, any product that offers quality sound will always be worth it, but it is not always the smart or right choice for everyone. Here we believe that something similar will happen to B&O.

Due to the brand’s own trajectory there is no doubt that it has to sound very good, but 400 euros is somewhat excessive when there are more “economical” options and with a very high sound quality. Also, put that amount invested, why not in some good headband headphones.

Despite the design, audio quality or standards such as IP54 protection we believe that these will be headphones only for true B&O fans. If you are one of them, from August 19 you can buy it.

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