Berlin’s second Apple Store ever closer to opening its doors

Second Apple Store in Berlin

Source: iFun

After several months with the possibility of Apple opening a second Apple Store in Berlin (Germany). It seems that we are now closer to that moment. The images of the works are well advanced and it is rumored that Tim Cook will soon announce to the world the premiere of this new store which is the second in the German city.

In April, a series of images began to circulate on the facade of a building that was being rehabilitated and transformed to house a possible Apple Store. With the passage of time it seems that the rumors have become reality and it seems that indeed, shortly, in a few weeks, we will have the CEO of the American company announcing the premiere of this new store. As we have already told you, it will be the second in the German city of Berlin. Eight years after the opening of the first store the future appears before us.

Almost no one has any doubts that it will be a new Apple Store, after, according to iFun, an interior designer from Poland, Kontin, who has been cooperating with new Apple Retails such as in Basel, Paris and Vienna, published in Instagram a couple of weeks ago that “we finished the last job in Berlin this week. What, with the photos, It confirms that it is indeed a new Apple Store.

Another piece of information that indicates that this store is about to be opened is that its black wood paneling has been dismantled. Now people in other buildings can start to see more about the construction.

The company has not confirmed anything yet, but he has not denied it either. The last Apple Store to open is in Los Angeles. All in all, it can be said that there are many indications that the Cupertino company will unveil new retail stores in Germany.

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